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"I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship."- Amy March, from Little Woman


How Do I Work?

I am a playful person with a lot of compassion. I utilize creative arts and experiential work when it might help get something out of your head, or when the words just are not coming. I am someone who will regulate with you while also being present and aware of the systemic dynamics at play. 


“I have learned how to embrace the ocean without having to learn how to let go of the shore” -Juansen Dizon

Creatively Healing Coaching

Being a human can be difficult- especially now. We can feel invalidated, less than, not seen or heard, stuck and overwhelmed. This is especially true for those of us who have experienced oppression and hate because of things we cannot change. 


I believe that everyone is deserving of love, kindness and compassion. I also believe that is true regardless of what that person has been through. We all need someone who will listen, validate, help us explore, and most importantly express our experiences without bias or judgement.


Using experiential techniques and creative arts we can help you identify blocks and help to dismantle them as you begin to come into your truth and power unlocking a world of possibilibilty for you going forward.

"There is a crack in everything. Thats how the light gets in."

-Leonard Cohen

Who Am I?

Chelsea Westphal (She/Her/They/Them)


Hello! I am a disabled, playful, theatre loving, cat mom who is a life coach looking to help you with where you are at, and where you are looking to go too.  

I earned my BA in Psychology from CUNY Hunter and my MA in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Drama Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).


I received a Level One Developmental Transformations (DvT) Certification as well as receiving a Level One Reiki Certification while working towards my MA and received an unofficial minor in theatre along with my BA.


My clients are folks who are resilient, determined  individuals who are looking for support around managing the complications of the medical industrial complex, while also managing their own very complicated lives. I can help you spin the countless plates you've got spinning, and maybe even help you put one or two down...maybe!

I look forward to possibly joining you on your journey! <3


Creative Arts?

Like play, creative arts is just another way to communicate how you are feeling without using words. You don't have to be really amazing at art, as we won't be "grading" your work, since it will be used as a means of communication - its amazing what happens when we let go and let our mind and body do the talking!


Online or in person?

I actually do all of my work online! On a safe and secure platform that is HIPPA compliant. Everything we discuss is confidential and just between us even though it is not therapy.

Life Coach?

Yes! Life coach and therapist often get confused because healing isn't linear. That means that even though Life coach and therapists do different things, we can be in one place in our healing jounery one moment and be somewhere else the next. All this means is that I tend to focus on self realization and achievement rather than diagnosis and "obstacles". 

But you went to therapy school and drama are you a coach?

Yes, I did and learned so much. Although I am not a therapist I use my knowledge that I gained from my time at school and with clients to help better round out my skills as a coach. Since we know that healing isn't linear my training allows me to give you extra support around whatever presents itself in the moment.

Individual Coaching

The individual coaching session offers a personalized approach to unlocking your personal and professional potential. Each session lasts 60 minutes and is offered online for $70. If you think an individual session would be beneficial for you, email me to set up a free consultation so we can determine if we are a good fit.

Individual Access Support 

I also offer individual access support for those seeking to better understand the complexities of the medical industrial complex. My 60min session for 70$ will help you to gain the confidence and knowledge to identify your needs and be empowered to ask for them. Reach out to us today to get started on your journey to self-advocacy.

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